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Redistricting in Michigan

Background Information and Consensus Questions

Scope of the Study

The redistricting study should include:

  • A brief history of redistricting in Michigan, both congressional and legislative, since the 1963 Constitution; including how judicial decisions have led to a situation where the legislature is not bound by previous legislation but is free with each redistricting cycle to determine the procedures to be followed.

  • The problems with the redistricting process in Michigan, both congressional and legislative are: Lack of openness, citizen participation and fairness which LWVMI could and did address under the LWVUS position. Partisanship and self serving in distorted plans produced by the majority parties in the legislature past and present - evidence that the entire process should be reformed.

  • An overview and evaluation of procedures used by other states.

  • A review of positions developed by other state LWV's and how they have been implemented.

Redistricting Background Information

Consensus Questions